I’m that guy

What is new with me lately. I’ve been in a relationship with a woman who is in her mid 30’s for getting close to a year now. We are engaged and in love. It is a very challenging relationship because when I met her, she had 4 kids in a prior marriage for 13 years that turned out very badly. And had just got out of a abusive relationship with some schmuck that had just knocked her up with twins. Normally I would never get involved with a woman in this situation. However, despite being pregnant. I found her to be incredibly attractive. Not normal for me mind you! But I also found her to have a beautiful personality. Sweet and intelligent! She made me feel like the most amazing man ever. Kissing and sex were incredible! And I’m still very much in love with her. In fact, I find myself often feeling obsessed! I often feel terrified and panicky that she might leave me. And I love her kids too! Drake has anger issues but him and I have made a lot of progress working towards respect. He is 12, but a tall handsome boy with a good sense of humor. A real comedian if you will. And athletic! Selina is 15, very sarcastic, but eventually learning that her sarcasm can often be offensive. She’ll get there! Donovan is 8 and he is a very sweet boy. Often enthusiastic, hyper. With tendency’s to be lazy and not think things through. He’s very addicted to soda pop and video games. He’ll get there! Sophia is four and very sweet. She thinks she’s a princess and she loves to sass and drive her brothers crazy. And she’s got a problem with the munchies and sweets! She’s going to be a fat princess if we don’t watch her!

My dad currently rents a room from me, and he is not at all thrilled with me being with a woman with so many kids. He doesn’t like the idea of moving out, nor does he like the idea of staying here with 4 kids two infants. My dad has been driving me nuts with his OCD issues while he has problems not being OCD in other areas. It’s irritating for someone to try to find things to fuss about when he leaves water around the sinks, and paper plates where the dog tends to chewe them up. Which is because he’s feeding my dog people food. I’ve been getting on him about that because the dog (Teddy) has been getting bad habits. Like thinking he can steal food off a plate. Or lick a table clean. Constantly sniffing around for crumbs. And begging! It’s driving me nuts! If he doesn’t stop feeding the dog, I’m going to have to get confrontational with him. Problem being is dad helps me take care of him. Like letting teddy in and out, and making sure he’s got food and water.

So currently money is tight! Sandy is using my car because she lost her car due to financial issues and a crooked lender. Lack of work due to health issues when she was first pregnant. She bought a van at an auction that turned out to be a money pit. Got it fixed and currently has not money to fix the catalytic converter, or money to get it completely registered. And I’m currently working temp jobs from time to time. And struggling to get the credit cards paid. I’m making it but not as well as I’d like. Seems like at this rate, we’ll never get from point A to B! We want to go see my 18 yr old son graduate from high school in June this year. And get married! And it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. If only David Tutera would come rescue us!